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Full-service pharmacy solutions.

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Woodmark Pharmacy delivers quality health care services with value-added benefits not provided by most institutional pharmacies to optimize efficiency, cost containment and care while promoting positive outcomes. You can expect:

  • Integrated programs established in conjunction with facility leadership
  • 24/7 access to a full customer service team
  • Emergency delivery always available
  • Detailed auditing and reporting tools
  • Assistance with action plan development
  • Advanced medication tracking and dispsensing technology
  • Integrated ordering and delivery system
  • Customized, tamper-proof packaging
  • Clinical education and mentorship
  • IV, parenteral nutrition and infusion therapy services
  • Medicare Part D solutions
  • Remote pricing of prescription drugs
  • Reclaim packaging on expensive medications
We understand your residents require all different levels of care, which means you need a flexible pharmacy solution that can cover suck diverse needs. At Woodmark, we tailor every part of the delivery, ordering and tracking process. And for medication administration, we offer a variety of packaging solutions that include vials, blister packs, Medicine-On-Time and Opti-Pak.*Opti-Pak is a trademark product of MTS, an Omnicell company.
Based on the facility, we can provide a 7-, 14-, or 30-day medication supply with customized packaging, including Pull Vue technology for clear identification. To support your quality assurance programs, our consultants and education teams provide training in proper clinical practices and help target issues such as prescribing trends. With 24/7 customer service and prior authorization support from our pharmacists, rest assured we can get what you need, when you need it.
We provide flexible medication solutions, with as little as a seven-day supply for more immediate needs and a variety of packaging options.
To accommodate the diverse needs of your facility and patients, Woodmark provides flexible packaging solutions in a 7- 14- or 30-day supply. We also enhance your medication management in other ways through ongoing support from our consultants, and regularly scheduled educational programs for your staff.
Woodmark’s integrated ordering, tracking, delivery and packaging system provides the efficiency your staff requires. Our intuitive software makes it easy to reorder the prescriptions, and our reliable delivery personnel ensure they arrive on time.
When you have many medications to account for, flexible packaging solutions are vital. That’s why Woodmark can fill prescriptions in vials blister packs, Medicine-On-Time or Opti-Pak. Our tracking system also ensure each script is accounted for and kept safe. *Opti-Pak is a trademark product of MTS, an Omnicell company.
When you work with Woodmark, we provide options. Our flexible packaging and supply solutions offer the flexibility you need with such a large, diverse population. You can also expect a consultant pharmacist for further support and intuitive ordering software to make the process easier.