Our Systems

Proven systems geared to your success.

Easy Ordering

Managed through our intuitive software, your staff can easily order refills online or over the phone using the facility-specific formulary we create.

Consistent Tracking

Once the order is received and fulfilled by our onsite pharmacists, it is sealed with tamper-proof packaging to ensure safety and security at all times. At any point during delivery, you can confirm its exact position with real-time location services.

Immediate Delivery

Rush delivery is always available for emergency situations. With customer service representatives, pharmacists and delivery personnel working 24/7, rest assured knowing Woodmark Pharmacy is there to fulfill any request immediately.

Medication Dispensing

Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, Woodmark Pharmacy customizes a remote dispensing system. Whether you require unit-dose distribution or a larger supply, we develop a process that works for your staff with state-of-the-art medication carts.

Specialized Packaging

We utilize barcoding technology for more accurate, efficient medication administration. Each patient and resident is assigned a unique code, which is first scanned by our pharmacists when the order is received, then by your staff when it’s given. Based on your distribution method, medication packages can be further customized to reduce error.